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Law students to be admitted - without taking LSAT

September 30, 2008 A new program at the University of Michigan Law School, the Wolverine Scholars Program, launches in 2010 with the goal of attracting more students from the school's home state. The school does not consider LSAT scores for applicants to this program. Read More

Stimulus package to help Legal Services Corporation provide assistance

September 29, 2008

A $56.2 billion stimulus package was announced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.) on Thursday, which includes Help for Families Facing Foreclosure.

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UPDATE: Public Service Loan Forgiveness under CCRAA is not taxable

September 26, 2008 Great news for law students planning on receiving loan forgiveness for public service: loan forgiveness under the College Cost Reduction and Access Act is not taxable! Today, the U.S. Department of Treasury confirmed that public service loan forgiveness under the CCRAA meets the requirements of Code Sec. 108(f) and is not taxable. Visit for more information.

Pro bono and the Washington legal community

September 25, 2008 At an awards gala last night, the Legal Times honored the 90 greatest Washington lawyers of the past 30 years. Read More

Is public interest law right for you?

September 23, 2008 Is public interest law right for me? Read More

Student bloggers needed for project

September 19, 2008 Action Without Borders is looking for graduate student bloggers to participate in a new project on In fall 2008, Idealist will link its Public Service Graduate Education Resource Center ( to bloggers who take on grad school. Equal Justice Works will be participating in this new resource. For more information on this opportunity, visit:

Entry-level legal services lawyers earn $40k, survey says

September 18, 2008 The 2008 Public Sector and Public Interest Attorney Salary Report by the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) shows that "the median entry-level salary for an attorney at a civil legal services organization is $40,000." The report, which summarizes the findings of a survey completed by over 650 public interest organizations, shows the enormous gap between this salary and the estimated $160,000 starting salary of associates at big firms. The report provides other figures, such as salaries for experienced civ Read More

Law student wins $10,000 for video on public interest vs. law firm

September 17, 2008 [youtube=] The Access Group has awarded $10,000 to Steven Luther, a law student who won the "One Less Worry Contest." Luther's video might make you laugh out loud, but it raises valid concerns that thousands of law students have each year. Read More

Law professors favor Democrats

September 16, 2008 According to a recent Wall Street Journal Law Blog post, law school professors have favored Senator Barack Obama in campaign contributions. Read More

ServiceNation Summit launches in New York; candidates speak out

September 12, 2008 [youtube=] [youtube=] The ServiceNation Summit launched yesterday in New York City. Senators Obama and McCain delivered their views on public service. Read More

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