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Obama to save $4 billion by removing Sallie Mae from direct lending mix

February 27, 2009 President Obama proposed the federal 2010 budget on Thursday, including provisions affecting private student loan lenders like Sallie Mae. According to Reuters, private lenders currently receive  "entitlements" for lending to students. These lenders, like Sallie Mae, distribute federally-guaranteed loans. Read More

Advice for law students seeking public service careers

February 27, 2009 Equal Justice Works Fellow Andrea Saenz is profiled in LawBound. Check it out. Read More

$40 million budget increase approved for Legal Services Corp.

February 26, 2009 The Legal Services Corporation just released the following information: The House of Representatives approved a $40 million budget increase for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) on Feb. 25 as part of the fiscal 2009 omnibus appropriations bill. The 11 percent increase would bring funding for the Corporation to a total of $390 million, the third consecutive year that the House has supported additional funding to provide civil legal assistance to low-income individuals and families. Read More

Detainment of 24 Latinos sparks debate over ICE policies

February 24, 2009 In an article on February 18, the Washington Post reports on the conflicting accounts being delivered by ICE officers in court regarding the detainment of 24 Latino men two years ago. The men were detained on January 23, 2007, as suspected "fugitive aliens." The Washington Post has obtained security camera footage (Read More

Consumer protection - credit company abuses

February 24, 2009 Equal Justice Works board member James Sturdevant testified before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on February 12, 2009, on behalf of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. In the testimony, Mr. Sturdevant discussed some of the current abuses in the credit card industry and described the problems and experiences of the everyday consumers affected by this abuse. Read Mr. Read More

On the road with Joseph Hardgrave

February 17, 2009 ontheroad Here is a guest post from Joseph Hardgrave, courtesy of Montana Legal Services: Most days you can find Attorney Joseph Hardgrave on the road, traveling to one of Montana's Indian Reservations. Read More

AmeriCorps Fellow named Class Representative

February 12, 2009 Equal Justice Works is pleased to announce the appointment of Carrie Henrichsen to the newly created position of AmeriCorps Class Representative for the current program year. In her second year with Access to Justice, Carrie has had a transformational impact on public interest offerings at the University of South Dakota. Read More

A 3L's public interest experience in South Dakota

February 12, 2009 This is a guest post from Kenny Jacobs, a 3L who is involved with the Law School Defender Society at the University of South Dakota School of Law. This partnership was created by Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow Carrie Henrichsen last year, with input and cooperation from the Public Defender's office. The society connects law students who have an interest in criminal law with a volunteer opportunity and the potential for in-court experience. Kenny was last year's recipient of the 1st annual William F. Day, Jr. Read More

Immigration cases overwhelm courts

February 10, 2009 Yesterday, NPR reported on the surge in immigration cases that is overwhelming courts. Read More

On Eric Holder's confirmation as Attorney General

February 4, 2009 Eric Holder was confirmed as Attorney General on Monday after being nominated by President Obama for the position. Mr. Holder served as an Equal Justice Works board member from 2002-2004. David Stern, CEO for Equal Justice Works, released the following statement:
"Eric Holder is an extraordinary lawyer with a deep commitment to the American values of equal justice and rule of law.
Read More

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