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Law firm layoff count

March 23, 2009 Teaming up with Law Shucks, Above the Law reports on law firm layoffs last week. UPDATE 4/02/09: American Lawyer publishes the law firm layoff list. -Aaron

Elena Kagan confirmed as Solicitor General

March 20, 2009 The Legal Times reported this morning that former Harvard Law School dean Elena Kagan has been confirmed as Solicitor General. She is the first female to assume this post. Ms. Kagan served as an Equal Justice board member in 2007 after being awarded the 2008 John R. Kramer Outstanding Law School Dean Award. Read More

Caution advised for firm associates entering public interest

March 19, 2009 Layoffs, deferments and rescinded offers abound (also, see the "Layoff Tracker" at the Law Shucks blog) at law firms these days - and several firms are sending attorneys to work at public interest organizations to provide legal services to those who can't afford it. But there are many things to consider as asssociates make the switch into public service. Read More

Findings from disaster recovery subcommittee

March 19, 2009 Equal Justice Works Alumnus Reilly Morse, who was deployed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to assist low-income clients navigate complex legal issues, remains highly active at the Mississippi Center for Justice. Yesterday, he testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs. Read More

Law students & lawyers at your service - new podcast!

March 18, 2009 Our friend Amy Potthast of has uploaded a new podcast episode - AmeriCorps for Legal Experts - featuring Equal Justice Works' own Marty Costello and Cole McMahon. In this episode, Cole and Marty discuss the AmeriCorps and Read More

Job search strategies for new lawyers

March 17, 2009 This webcast offers some thoughts and tips from Authentic Strategies and William Mitchell College of Law. -Aaron

National service legislation comes to a vote

March 17, 2009 ServiceNation calls for support of two pieces of legislation - the GIVE Act and the Serve America Act - that would promote and expand national public service. Visit ServiceNation for more information. -Aaron UPDATE 3/18/09: GIVE Act passes in the House! Read More

Virgin Islands for Northeastern Law professor David Hall

March 17, 2009 As reported in this post, former Northeastern University School of Law Dean - and current professor - David Hall was in the running to become President of the University of the Virgin Islands. Read More

Laid off lawyers explore public service options

March 16, 2009 Law firm layoffs, deferments and salary cuts are top-of-mind for associates, partners and public interest lawyers alike these days. And many associates are being given the option to work for public interest law organizations for a percentage of their salaries - a topic of debate that has lawyers from both sectors engaged as they try and cha Read More

Promoting public interest law in China, continued

March 13, 2009 On Tuesday, we got our first update from David during his trip to China. Here's an update! On Tuesday, Ted, Susan and I went to the China University of Political Sciences and Law. With 10,000 students, it is the largest law school in the world. Considered one of the top universities in China, the university is located roughly an hour outside of Beijing. Read More

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