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Penalized for serving jury duty?

September 30, 2009 Yesterday, Equal Justice Works Fellow Koert Wehberg posted an article on the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights blog. Read More

Calling all service heroes

September 28, 2009 Who inspires you?  Who have you seen make a difference in your life or in the lives of others in your community? Equal Justice Works is working in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) to find “Service Heroes” whose stories can be shared with the nation on major television networks this October and through other high-profile platforms over the course of the next year.  We need your help finding these everyday heroes. So many Equal Justice Works Fellows, AmeriCorps Legal Fellows, law students and other allies have an amazing impact in communities across the country each Read More

An undue hardship? Discharging student loans in bankruptcy

September 24, 2009 Representative Steve Cohen will soon file legislation to give private student loan borrowers more equitable treatment during the bankruptcy process. Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law held a hearing in which Representative Cohen indicated that Congress extended “favorable, unusual treatment” to private loans not guaranteed by the federal government as part of a 2005 bankruptcy law, without enough data to justify the move. Brett Weiss, an attorney sp Read More

October is Nonprofit Career Month!

September 23, 2009
Nonprofit Career Month promotes the number and diversity of career opportunities in the nation's nonprofit sector.
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How to get involved with US Public Service Academy

September 22, 2009 The following is a guest post from Stephanie Chin, a student at Emory School of Law who is working on the US Public Service Academy initiative. Stephanie is a State Coordinator in Georgia, and she wants to spread the word to other law students who might want to get involved. The US Public Service Academy was founded three years ago by Shawn Raymond and Chris Myers Asch – two alumns of Teach for America. Their goal is to advocate for the establishment of a bricks-and-mortar undergraduate institution which would be akin to the civilian version of West Point. Read More

No subsidies to private student lenders?

September 21, 2009 The House of Representatives on Thursday passed the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, an Act that would end subsidies to private student loan companies by shifting to direct federal lending.  The savings would go towards increasing Pell grants for low-income students and increasing federal investments in education.  The Senate is expected to take up the legislation as early as this week. “Today, the House made a clear choice to stop funneling vital taxpayer dollars through boardrooms and start sending them directly to dorm rooms,” said Representative George Miller, Democrat of Califo Read More

Finding inspiration in law school and beyond

September 16, 2009 The following is a guest post from Debra Weinberg, a 2009 Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow at the Louisiana Bar Foundation in partnership with Advocacy Center in Louisiana. Read More

Ralph Nader to Speak at Conference and Career Fair

September 10, 2009 ralph naderEqual Justice Works is pleased to announce Ralph Nader as the  featured plenary speaker for its 2009 Conference and Career Fair.  Honored by Time magazine as "One of the 100 Most Influential Americans of the Twentieth Century," consumer advocate and presidential candidate for the Green Party, Ralph Nader has devoted his life to giving ordinary people the tools Read More

Next stop on the road to recovery: Detroit

September 3, 2009 The continuing saga of our road trip this week to Detroit and Ohio, working with new and returning host sites and helping to develop Fellows’ projects. After seeing the foreclosure crisis in Toledo, Ohio, we next traveled about an hour north on I-75 to Detroit to meet with Legal Aid and Defender Association (LAD).  We spoke with staff about the issues they face as the premier provider of legal services in the Detroit area. Read More

First stop on road to recovery: Toledo, OH

September 1, 2009 We're on the road this week in Detroit and Ohio, working with new and returning host sites and helping to develop Fellows' projects. Yesterday Cole and I traveled with Richard Alston and AmeriCorps Recovery Fellow Andrew Neuhauser from Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE) to tour East and West Toledo. Read More

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