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Students bring legal services to Houston & Rio Grande Valley

December 30, 2009 This post was written by Tina Fernandez, Director of Pro Bono Programs at the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law. Read More

Family caregiving in the U.S.

December 29, 2009 Equal Justice Works Fellow Phoebe Taubman, an attorney with A Better Balance, has written an issue brief for the Read More

On being a lawyer in 2009

December 22, 2009 The holidays are upon us and the year is coming to a close.  Let's take a few moments to reflect on being a public interest lawyer in 2009. Take a look at Seth Godin’s “What Matters Now” and think about what matters now for you, an attorney who has spent the past year helping clients find solutions, fight injustices and overcome obstacles that seemed impossible – let’s face it, even to you, at first – until you put your heart and soul into it. Read More

Some of this year's public interest heroes

December 17, 2009 In October, Equal Justice Works recognized three public interest law leaders for their commitments to service and low-income clients. The award winners - Scott Burrill, Larry Kramer and Bruce Sewell  - represent the hundreds of law students, law school deans and corporate counsel that make our work possible. Read More

How the foreclosure crisis affects homeowners

December 14, 2009 The following is a guest post by Jennifer Ngai, an Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow at Legal Aid DC. Read More

10 ways to change the world in your 20s

December 8, 2009 I know so many friends, colleagues, students and lawyers that are always looking for ways to change the world - through public service, living responsibly and helping others.  They strive to have an impact, whether it is big or small, knowing that doing good today will benefit us all in the long run. Libuse Binder, a writer, activist and former English teacher, has put together a list of 10 Ways to Change the World in your 20s in her new book.
  1. Dig into what you love
  2. Volunteer in ways big and small
  3. Support politic
Read More

Legal ed podcasts from NE Regional Conf.

December 7, 2009 On December 4, Albany Law School hosted a conference focused on the importance of setting and implementing measurable learning goals. "Participants discussed both general trends in curriculum reform and specific ways to develop goals to measure student learning,"  Darlene Cardillo wrote. Audio recordings for most sessions are available here. -Aaron

Can't get enough justice lit?

December 1, 2009 It would take too long to update the blogroll, but I wanted to point out this great list I just discovered from They've compiled the "Top 50 Justice Blogs", which is a really diverse collection of online media devoted to justice-related issues. Check out the full list at and the top 10, below.
1. 2.
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