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Take Control of Your Future is a comprehensive guide to managing student debt for lawyers and law students. It is especially valuable for anyone with an interest in a public interest legal career who wants to learn how income-driven repayment plans, Public Service Loan Forgiveness and loan repayment assistance programs can help protect their financial future.



Here’s what readers have to say:

​​ “This book is a life changer for law students wanting to pursue a public interest career.”

  –David Stern, Equal Justice Works Executive Director

“Take Control of Your Future provides today’s undergraduate, graduate and professional students with a clear, understandable view into the complex world of student loans. In doing so, it is a critical resource and provides an essential service for today’s student.”

  – Jen Mishory, Young Invincibles Deputy Director

“This book is particularly helpful for anyone working in the non-profit field who earns a lower wage and has mounds of student loan debt.”  

– Andrea, Reviewer

“I've been dealing with my student loan holder for the last three years on my past due account. It wasn't until I read ‘Managing Your Student Debt’ that I discovered the loan holder wasn't giving me all the options. By using the guide I've been able to work things to my benefit. I encourage everyone to read this book!”

 – Richard Smith, Reviewer

Download Your Copy Today!