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State-Based LRAPs

Many states offer loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) that can ease the burden of educational debt for those in public interest.  State-based LRAPs may be created and administered by state education administrations, independent nonprofit organizations and professional associations or foundations.

We provide comprehensive information about state-based LRAPs, including which states have programs, who can benefit and how to start or expand a state-based LRAP.

Almost all state-based LRAPs require recipients to be practicing law in "qualifying employment" within the state.  Characteristics of state LRAPs vary, but definitions of "qualifying employment" in all states include civil legal aid, and in some states include public defense, prosecution and other government and nonprofit legal organization work.


State LRAP Contacts and Legislation

The American Bar Association in collaboration with Kelly Carmody of Carmody and Associates maintains a listing of statewide LRAPs.

The ABA also maintains information about pending and enacted legislation to create statewide loan repayment assistance programs.


What does your LRAP look like?  Important questions to ask about any LRAP

What does your LRAP look like?  Not all LRAPs are created equally.  Programs have different requirements, restrictions and benefits.  Among other things to consider are varying payment amounts and duration of eligibility, whether you'll be able to benefit from more than one LRAP at the same time and whether your LRAP money is taxable.


If your state doesn't have an LRAP, start one!