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Student Debt Video Guides: Dara Defender Finds Relief

Millions of Americans are worried about student debt. But there are powerful programs that can help if you know about them and plan ahead at every level of your educational career – and after you’ve graduated.

That’s what Dara did – and now she’s sharing her story so you can find relief too!

Episode 1: Dara Plans Before She Borrows

Dara always wanted to be a public defender and she knew she would have to take out student loans to get there. Learn how Dara did what students in any field should do: found affordable schools that were perfect for her career plans, minimized her borrowing, and relied mainly on federal loans for the borrowing she did have to do.  

Check back here to view upcoming episodes and learn how Dara found a repayment plan for her loans that was affordable and earned loan forgiveness after 10 years of working in public service.



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