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Equal Justice Works' 12 Days of Public Service

In the holiday spirit, the staff at Equal Justice Works has developed a variation of the Twelve Days of Christmas that we are calling “The Twelve Days of Public Service”. We hope you will sing along! On the first day of public service, Equal Justice Works gave to you:

One goal: Justice For All. Equal Justice Works was founded with a clear mission in mind: to make sure that the poorest and most vulnerable among us deserve the same access to representation as more fortunate citizens. We continue to work every day towards that mission.

Two-Day Conference and Career Fair. Every Fall, Equal Justice Works brings together over 1,000 law students, over 120 employers, and over 140 law school professionals at the largest public interest law career fair in the country.

Three Fellows redeployed to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Equal Justice Works is always ready to help when disasters strike. Lawyers are needed in trying times like these to help people resolve landlord-tenant disputes, avoid shady contractors, and return to a sense of normalcy as quickly as possible.

Four ways to get educational debt relief information. Don’t let student loan debt stop you from becoming a public interest lawyers! Attend our webinars, download our manual, watch our video guides, and buy our new eBook Take Control of Your Future.

Five Public Service Career Programs:  Equal Justice Works offers five different programs to help law students and graduates pursue public service careers: Equal Justice Works Fellows, AmeriCorps Legal Fellows, Public Defender Corps Members, Illinois Foreclosure Fellows, and Summer Corps Members.

Six ways to stay connected to Equal Justice Works. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and don’t forget to read our blog!

Seven AmeriCorps Fellows serving in Medical-Legal Partnerships in 2012. Medical-legal partnerships are an important new development in legal aid. Giving hospital patients direct access to lawyers provides holistic services to people who need legal help in addition to medical attention.

Eight weeks of service in a Summer Corps term. Funded by AmeriCorps, our Summer Corps Program provides law students with the chance to spend their summer working on a legal project at a qualifying nonprofit public interest organization of their choosing.

Nine 2012 Fellows working on housing and homelessness. Thanks to nine Fellows from the class of 2012, more people will have shelter this holiday season.

Ten years to Public Service Loan Forgiveness. By working in public service, you might be able to pay off your federal loans in just 10 years. Find out more from our student debt experts!

Eleven Equal Justice Works Fellows already accepted into the class of 2013. The number grows each day!

Twelve new sponsors in 2012. Thank you to all our sponsors, and especially to the new ones who’ve joined us in our mission for the class of 2012.

Thank you for helping us celebrate public service, and Happy Holidays from all of us at Equal Justice Works!

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