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Post date: 02-6-2012
Equal Justice Works educational debt relief featured in the Chicago Tribune
The Equal Justice Works educational debt staff provided insight and advice on how to finance a graduate school education.  For the full article in the Chicago Tribune, please read here.
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Post date: 02-1-2012
Student Loan Ranger: Law School Student Debt Is Just Tip of the Iceberg
Your Student Loan Ranger was intrigued by a recent report from the Center for American Progress titled "What Can We Learn from Law School? Legal Education Reflects Issues Found in All of Higher Education." In a nutshell, the report argues that the failure of schools, students, and policymakers to…
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Post date: 01-31-2012
Breaking News: PSLF Loan Certification Form Released!
The Department of Education has released an Employment Certification for Public Service Loan Forgiveness form to assist borrowers in tracking their qualifying employment and qualifying payments as they work toward earning loan forgiveness.Find out more about the certification process set up by the…
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Post date: 01-30-2012
Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellows Honored by Missouri Legislature
On January 31, the Missouri House of Representatives will recognize the service of AmeriCorps members, including Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellows Zach Tusinger and Jamie Rodriguez, for their role in the recovery efforts following the devastating tornado that struck Joplin on May 22,…
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Post date: 01-25-2012
Students, Fill Out Your FAFSA!
With college and graduate school applications submitted, applicants across the country are now trying to figure out how to cover the cost of their education.Decisions about financing education are difficult because they need to be based on a realistic assessment of a student's individual…
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Post date: 01-18-2012
Student Loan Ranger: Understand Why Federal Budgets Matter to Students
Keeping track of the federal budget process is difficult in the best of times, and the creation of the fiscal year 2012 budget was even more convoluted than usual. We've attempted to keep you up to date on some of the twists and turns concerning educational debt, including the impact on Pell Grants…
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Post date: 01-11-2012
Student Debt Crisis Isn't Just About Economy
With the Iowa caucus under our belt, the 2012 election year is in full swing and one issue being raised across the country is student debt. So far, it seems that a number of candidates propose to address this issue through their plans to "improve the economy." They don't seem to understand the…
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Post date: 01-4-2012
Rapidly Rising Student Debt Harms Low-Income Students
 It's a truism that a college education is the key to better jobs and a brighter economic future for low-income individuals. So what is the effect of the explosion in student debt on low-income students? The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's recent brief, "Student Debt and Default in the 12th…
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Post date: 12-29-2011
Student Loan Ranger: Private Loan Borrowers Need Increased Protections
In last week's blog post we mentioned (not for the last time) how important it is to max out federal loans before taking out private loans. We also promised to follow up on the Department of Education's recent report, "The Expansion of Private Loans in Postsecondary Education," which shows students…
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Post date: 12-22-2011
Think Twice Before Using Credit Cards to Repay Student Loans
At the Student Loan Ranger, we think it's great when major players in the private student loan market like Sallie Mae offer advice on how to avoid spiraling debt from credit cards. But we also feel that Sallie Mae is sending a mixed message when it encourages borrowers to use credit cards by…
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