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Post date: 10-19-2011
Student Loan Ranger: Research Job Prospects Before Investing in Your Education
If you are thinking of attending law school, you should pay attention to a relatively obscure decision by the American Bar Association's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. On September 23, the Section decided it will not require law schools to reveal the percentage of 2010…
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Post date: 10-14-2011
Equal Justice at Work: October 2011
Read here for the latest issue of Equal Justice at Work, Equal Justice Works monthly e-newsletter.
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Post date: 10-12-2011
Student Loan Ranger: As Student Loan Grace Period Ends, Consider Options to Avoid Default
It's October and time for the Fall Classic (though without my beloved New York Yankees). For many recent graduates, it's also a far less exciting season: time to start repaying student loans. Read more on U.S. News Education.
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Post date: 10-5-2011
The Student Loan Ranger's Mailbag Express: Public Service
Going to law school today means you are going to borrow money—a lot of money— and it is not a decision to take lightly. Here at Equal Justice Works, we also believe that you can commit to a public interest career despite the burden of educational debt. In fact, generations of attorneys, doctors,…
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Post date: 09-29-2011
David Stern, Executive Director of Equal Justice Works Honored as White House “Champions of Change”
Equal Justice Works is proud to announce the selection of Executive Director David Stern and Equal Justice Works Fellow Todd Belcore as White House “Champions of Change”.  Serving as an inspiration to the legal community, both Stern and Belcore are being recognized as part of President Obama’s…
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Post date: 09-28-2011
Student Loan Ranger: College Tuition Growth Rate Is Biggest Bubble of Them All
Have you ever asked your mirror how student loan debt stacks up to the recently popped housing bubble that helped drive the Great Recession? Probably not, unless you have a Snow White mirror on your wall.But if you are curious, Moody's Analytics has the answer: The rate of growth in tuition far…
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Post date: 09-21-2011
Student Loan Ranger: College Degrees Requiring More Student Debt
Debt to Degree: A New Way of Measuring College Success, a report released in early August by Education Sector, attempts to provide students choosing colleges and policymakers with a single measure of value that combines debt and graduation. The report creates a "borrowing to credential ratio" for…
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Post date: 09-14-2011
Student Loan Ranger: Enjoy College Without Spiraling Debt
Read more at US News & World Report.
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Post date: 08-31-2011
Consider AmeriCorps to Gain Job Skills, Education Funds
If you are an avid reader of the Student Loan Ranger blog, you have probably heard about the tough job market, the debt ceiling deal that will cut critical funding to the most vulnerable populations, and let's not forget the seemingly insurmountable student debt crisis. Americans feel they must go…
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Post date: 08-24-2011
Student Loan Ranger: ABA Addresses Law Graduates' Job, Debt Woes
Read more at US News & World Report.
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