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Tammy Howze

2010, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, Tammy Howze

Tammy Howze

Name of Host Organization: Legal Aid and Defender Association
City, State: Detroit, Michigan
Issue area: Other Area, ,

The Project

My project focuses on mortgage foreclosure prevention litigation and advocacy in Michigan. We work with lenders and housing counseling agencies on obtaining forbearances, loan modications and other foreclosure prevention efforts. Among other issues our litigation and negotiations involve predatory lending, house flipping and foreclosure rescue scams. I also perform community outreach service on foreclosure prevention in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties.



Detroit, Michigan

Making the connection:

I made the connection between law school and social justice while working as a student attorney at the Misdemeanor Defender's Office at a District Court in Detroit while I was still attending law school. Just seeing the amount of indigent client's with little or no knowledge regarding the legal system motivated me continue to my efforts in educating the community.

Surviving law school:

I've always had the same motivation to help others even before I decided to attend Law School. I have a helping personally. People always say that I should have become a social worker. I believe that as an attorney, you have to be part social worker, friend, doctor, spiritual advisor and psychiatrist at times. My only strategy for maintaining a public service forcus is being myself.

Recommended books:

To Kill a Mocking Bird was very entertaining and involves following the life of an attorney representing a black man who was accused of acting inappropriately with a caucasian woman. I believe the attorney's daughter was the narrator.

Favorite website(s):

I visit Facebook rather often in order to keep up with family and friends.