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John Busby

2010, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, John Busby

John Busby

Name of Host Organization: Legal Assistance of Western New York
City, State: Rochester, New York
Issue area: Elderly

The Project

I recruit law students to work on projects that aid low-income populations. I encourage private firms to do more pro bono work. I provide free legal services for elders and assist with legal services for previously incarcerated individuals who have been discriminated against as they seek to return to society. I help people get heat, food and funds on a regular basis.



Mobile, Alabama

Law school:

Making the connection:

I make connections through encounters with people. At my law school, it was meeting the many professors who made lessons in social justice a key part of the classroom experience that really opened my eyes to the way in which lawyers can take an active role in improving society.

Surviving law school:

Find some activity that recharges your batteries- preferably something physical that allows you to get out and meet those people who need to meet people like you. Once you start meeting people, you start to make the connection that what you are learning in law school really does have a practical application.

Recommended books:

For law students, there are several books that can help you relate to the material you are learning in law school. I suggest any of the Stories Series from Foundation Press but especially Kevin M. Clermont's Civil Procedure Stories. Go rent A Civil Action with John Travolta and then read A Civil Action: A Documentary Companion.