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Elizabeth Lockett

2010, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, Elizabeth Lockett

Elizabeth Lockett

Name of Host Organization: Lone Star Legal Aid
City, State: Houston, Texas
Issue area: Consumer Rights

The Project

I assist homeowners facing the loss of their homes and handle a caseload of foreclosure, bankruptcy and quiet title actions. To help preserve homes, I work with lenders to negotiate loan modifications and litigate cases when negotiation is not an option. To help prevent foreclosure, I conduct community legal education and collaborate with housing counseling agencies and other community partners to promote homeownership preservation.



Houston, Texas

Law school:

Making the connection:

During the first semester of my junior year of college, I worked as an intern at what is now called the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project. Meeting Kirk Bloodsworth, the first American sentenced to death row who was exonerated by DNA fingerprinting, inspired me to study the Harris County death penalty system and become a public interest lawyer.

Surviving law school:

I chose a law school that offers numerous clinics and organizations that aim to serve the public. I made sure that I engaged in public service by working with the clinics, nonprofit organizations, and law school organizations that emphasized public service. In particular, my work with the Juvenile Justice and Actual Innocence Clinics, Texas Advocacy Project, and the Thurgood Marshall Legal Society helped me want to go to class every day.

Recommended books:

Actual Innocence by Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld and Jim Dwyer; Push by Sapphire. The two versions of Actual Innocence that I have read set out the stories of numerous individuals who were wrongly convicted and/or incarcerated. Push tells the tales of an incest victim abused by both of her parents and other victims of rape, incest, and general mistreatment that she meets in a new school.

Favorite website(s): Whedonesque, a weblog devoted to the creations of writer/director Joss Whedon, provided a much needed distraction during bar study. It also introduced me to the world of weblogs. Through facebook, I have reconnected with old friends and maintained friendships with new colleagues.