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Jeffrey Schoenberger

2010, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, Jeffrey Schoenberger

Jeffrey Schoenberger

Name of Host Organization: Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati
City, State: Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue area: Housing - Affordable Housing/Microfinance, Housing/Homelessness,Other Area

The Project

I work with homeowners in the Cincinnati area to help them preserve their homes. These families could either be on the edge of foreclosure, meaning that counseling and advice, combined with a referral to a housing counselor, is the proper approach, or already in foreclosure, meaning that legal defenses in court are the appropriate approach. In either case, the point of the fellowship is to ensure that needy homeowners are connected with available resources to keep them in their homes.



Cincinnati, Ohio

Law school:

Making the connection:

I first became interested in social justice when I worked for a summer at the Cincinnati Public Defender's office before going to law school. I was further inspired when I read a speech that then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy gave stating, in part, that the needy don't suffer so much from the absence of theoretical rights, but from those willing to help enforce existing rights.

Surviving law school:

I had the fortune to attend a law school that made public service a focus, including generous post-graduate loan assistance. I think that the best way to remain focused on public service is to remember that you should follow your passion for service and, if you can keep that drive, you'll find a way to make the money work out.

Recommended books:

American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson reminds native citizens why people of all biographies seek out America and her opportunities. On a more academic note, Martin Gilbert's Churchill and America reflects this theme too.