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Kevin Robert De Liban

2012, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, Kevin Robert De Liban

Kevin Robert De Liban

Name of Host Organization: Legal Aid of Arkansas
City, State: West Memphis, Arkansas
Issue area: Health Care/Medical-Legal Partnership

The Project

Legal Aid has had a difficult time offering meaningful service to many people in the rural parts of the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River Delta region. My task is to help change that pattern. We'll start that change by initiating and sustaining medical-legal partnerships with community health clinics in these rural areas. That way, we can reach clients who otherwise don't come to us and, with our service provider partners, develop a holistic approach to helping our clients improve their lives.



Fremont, California

Law school:

Making the connection:

I was a "do-gooder" long before law school and went to law school to empower myself to do things that I couldn't do as an entry-level government employee or as a social worker.

Surviving law school:

Take classes you enjoy. Be frugal with eating out, drinking, and shopping (to relieve some of the financial pressures). Study abroad (yeah, more debt is not quite "being frugal," but this is good debt). Use lots of parentheticals. Protect yourself from the negativity, stress, and anxiety that infects the place. Make time for lunch and eat with friends. Engage in activities that interest you--not just what will build your résumé. Play.

Words to live by:

"I give a damn if any man recalls my legacy, I'm trying to live life in the sight of God's memory."
-- Dante Smith