2012 Equal Justice Works Fellow, Sarah Patrice Loeffler

Sarah Patrice Loeffler

Name of Host Organization: Montgomery County Women's Center
City, State: Conroe, Texas
Issue area: Domestic Violence
Sponsors: Texas Access to Justice Foundation; The John M. O'Quinn Foundation

The Project

My project is multi-pronged and hopes to provide a permanent impact to the lives of domestic violence victims, while accounting for the diversity of their circumstances. The first prong will prioritize divorce and custody suits for victims of domestic violence and their children, regardless if the acts fit the legal definition of domestic violence. The second prong will educate the community about Texas family law and other legal issues related to domestic violence. The third prong will train volunteer attorneys to guide clients through an uncontested divorce with the goal of further impacting the lack of representation for domestic violence victims.

The Inspiration

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I believe that access to the legal system should not be reserved for any one class of persons. And, I believe that as attorneys, we have a responsibility to look at the whole person, finding legal remedies that will benefit who a client is and what they need. I also believe that everyone has a right to feel safe, secure, and protected in their own person, and lack of access to the legal field should not keep people living in fear.



Austin, Texas

Law school:

Surviving law school:

Remember who you are and why you came there. And, find an amazing group of friends and then support each other, no matter what. It is invaluable to have someone to study with, someone to talk to, and someone to goof off with in those few, precious moments of free time.

Recommended books:

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

Favorite website(s):

TIME.COM. I especially enjoy the Top Ten lists. I have learned so many things about absolutely nothing!

Words to live by:

"Decide what to be and go be it." The Avett Brothers; "If there were no problems, what need would would we have for courage and wisdom?"; "You will discover that it is important to believe in the path you have chosen even if others can't see where you are going."

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