2012 Equal Justice Works Fellow, Kathleen Malia Glynn

Kathleen Malia Glynn

City, State: Denver, Colorado
Issue area: Immigrant Populations, Children/Youth
Sponsors: The Morrison & Foerster Foundation

The Project

As an Equal Justice Works Fellow, I will be serving as the "Immigration Consultant" to Colorado's 64 departments of social and human services through the "Immigrant Child Welfare Project." In addition to providing direct, immigration-related legal representation to undocumented children and families involved in the State's child welfare system, I will create immigration-specific educational materials and assessment tool kits for county welfare departments' frontline caseworkers; I will also offer training and technical assistance to child welfare professionals.

The Inspiration

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In 2009, Colorado Governor Ritter created the "Citizenship Pathways Taskforce" -- a working group of representatives from state and county child welfare offices and from nonprofit organizations -- and charged the Taskforce with researching and recommending changes to the way Colorado serves its undocumented children from the child welfare system. My Equal Justice Works Fellowship is the culmination of this Taskforce's 15-month effort. I will be implementing the recommendations of the Taskforce, all of which focus on improving access to social services and immigration status options for open child welfare cases of undocumented children and their families in Colorado. This is a truly exciting time to be working with partners from Colorado and its county departments of social services. There is currently unparalleled energy and momentum to address the unique needs of Colorado's undocumented children that are involved in the child welfare system; Equal Justice Works and The Morrison & Foerster Foundation, along with RMIAN, have provided the structure through which this energy can be harnessed and the Taskforce's recommendations be implemented.



Denver, Colorado

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