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New E-Book Offers Lifeline for Students Drowning in Debt

(November 27, 2012) Washington, D.C. – For graduates with student loans, November is a dreary month as grace periods end and student loan payments begin.  Despite the Department of Education’s (DOE) recent release of final regulations for President Obama’s new “Pay As You Earn” plan, far too many students feel they are drowning in debt.

Take Control of Your Future: A Guide to Managing Your Student Debtis a new e-book from Equal Justice Works that offers students and graduates a lifeline to help them manage their debt. Available on Kindle for $5.99, the bookdeconstructs the complex web of constantly changing regulations and loan repayment optionsand lays out in simple terms what student borrowers need to know to navigate their debt and build a better path for the future. 

“A college education is a great investment and is very attainable without overwhelming debt; it just requires organized and thoughtful planning,” explains Equal Justice Works Executive Director David Stern.  “We hope this book can demystify the educational loan process and help people make wise decisions about borrowing before, during and after college or graduate school.”  

When the Pay As You Earn plan is available, it will reduce the monthly student loan payments for eligible borrowers to 10 percent of their discretionary income and provide for forgiveness after 20 years.  But only “new borrowers” with “partial financial hardships” will be eligible for the plan.  Other powerful programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Income-Based Repayment and loan repayment assistance programs have equally complicated provisions.  Take Control of Your Future is a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step guide that breaks down the complex requirements in these and other programs and make them “user friendly.”

A nonprofit organization, Equal Justice Works has played a leading role in advocating for and shaping educational debt relief programs, including the 2007 College Cost Reduction and Access Act, which established Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Income-Based Repayment.  In addition to the new e-book, Equal Justice Works offers online tools and webinars to help students and graduates manage their debt.

The proceeds from the sale of Take Control of Your Future: A Guide to Managing Your Student Debt support Equal Justice Works Educational Debt Relief Program.

For more information about Equal Justice Works educational debt relief programs, visit   For more student debt tips and information, follow the Equal Justice Works Student Debt Relief hashtag #studentdebthelp on Twitter.


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