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Kara Alba

2013, Equal Justice Works Fellowships, Kara Alba

Kara Alba

Name of Host Organization: East Bay Community Law Center
City, State: Berkeley , California
Issue area: Consumer Rights
Sponsors: Anonymous

The Project

Kara will protect low-income immigrants from targeted consumer scams and discourage predatory practices through direct services, community outreach, policy advocacy and affirmative litigation.

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
Unlawful and deceptive business practices harm our communities, destroy the economic security of working families, and undermine the efforts of law-abiding businesses. Desperate to provide for their families and facing linguistic, cultural, and literary barriers, low-income immigrants are particularly vulnerable to consumer scams and predatory practices, yet there is a dearth of consumer legal service providers
The Right Person For This Project
Kara is the right person for the project because:
• Kara has witnessed the devastating effects of consumer abuse on immigrant families already struggling with fragile economic and legal resources play out in the lives of her own friends and family
• In eleven years of provision of direct services to low-income residents of Alameda County, Kara has formed lasting relationships with local clients, attorneys, and service organizations and has developed the substantive and practical knowledge necessary to succeed with this project
Plans For First Six Months of Fellowship
In the first six months, Kara will:
• Launch a community outreach and education campaign to educate and inform immigrant consumers on their rights in the marketplace
• Convene several community education and service provider trainings to equip immigrant consumers with tools to avoid scams in car purchasing and immigration legal services
• In addition to an Immigrant Consumer Justice Clinic in partnership with Centro Legal focused on serving the Latino immigrant community, launch a second clinic focused on serving the Asian Pacific Islander immigrant community
• File an affirmative case against abusive debt collectors or a business engaged in fraud