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Mark Doss

2014, Equal Justice Works Fellowships, Mark Doss

Mark Doss

City, State: New York, New York
Issue area: Immigrant Populations, Domestic Violence
Sponsors: ALM

The Project

Mark provided refugee resettlement legal services to Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) refugees and asylees who were survivors of domestic violence.

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
Domestic violence is rampant in MENA refugee communities. The violence persists, and even increases, when refugees resettle in the United States. Refugees who face domestic violence often feel helpless because they have poor English skills or do not know what resources will be available to them if they leave their spouse. As survivors of trauma, refugees and asylees often have complex legal, mental, and social issues that are exacerbated by domestic violence. Mark’s project provided much-needed legal representation to this vulnerable population. It will also work to end the cycle of violence by educating perpetrators of domestic violence about the legal and social consequences of their actions.