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Swapna Reddy

2016, Equal Justice Works Fellowships, Swapna Reddy

Swapna Reddy

Name of Host Organization: Urban Justice Center
City, State: New York, New York
Issue area: Immigrant Populations
Sponsors: Anonymous

The Project

Provide remote legal assistance to refugee families, applying novel technology and integrating law student volunteers to increase capacity, quicken response times, and serve clients in isolated areas.

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
Since 2014, thousands of women and children have fled Central America to escape gang and gender-based persecution, including sexual assault, beatings, and the murder of relatives. Upon arrival, families are incarcerated in for-profit detention centers before being released to fight their cases around the country. Fewer than 2% of families who go to immigration court without a lawyer are successful in securing refugee status nationwide.
The Right Person For This Project
Swapna is the right person for the project because:
• She created a national legal assistance effort to assist refugee families during law school, engaging hundreds of volunteers and preventing hundreds of deportations.
• She has provided a broad array of immigration legal services to hundreds of clients through organizations based in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas.