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Mallory Andrews

2016, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, Mallory Andrews

Mallory Andrews

Name of Host Organization: Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
City, State: Los Angeles, California
Issue area: Veterans' Rights
Sponsors: AmeriCorps, OneJustice

The Project

Assist low-income veterans with housing needs.

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
Many low-income veterans struggle to maintain stable and affordable housing. Through community education, the project empowers veterans to exercise their rights as tenants. The project also helps veterans who are facing eviction through representation in unlawful detainer actions.
The Right Person For This Project
Mallory is the right person for the project because:
• Many of her family members served in the armed forces, giving her a great compassion for our veterans and the struggles they face after service
• In law school, she represented clients in court and developed skills for client advocacy. As she represent clients in eviction litigation, she is able to draw from her experiences in the courtroom and passion for public interest advocacy