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Zane Johnson

2016, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, Zane Johnson

Zane Johnson

Name of Host Organization: Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity
City, State: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue area: Employment
Sponsors: AmeriCorps, Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity

The Project

Remove barriers to employment for those with criminal records.

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
Clients are dealing with the discrimination that follows from having a criminal record. This discrimination creates a serious barrier to employment. The project helps remove these barriers by representing people seeking expungements and educating them on how they can overcome their criminal record.
The Right Person For This Project
Zane is the right person for the project because: • He aspires to use his knowledge and skills as a lawyer to help those who are often denied justice because they lack access to a legal advocate
• He enjoys working directly with clients
• He believes that he benefits just as much as the clients from the services he provides