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Tatyana Manning

2016, AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships, Tatyana Manning

Tatyana Manning

Name of Host Organization: Legal Services of Greater Miami
City, State: Miami, Florida
Issue area: Housing - Affordable Housing/Microfinance
Sponsors: AmeriCorps VISTA, Legal Services of Greater Miami

The Project

Reach tenants in HUD assisted project based Section 8 building, with contracts expiring in two years. Help tenants organize, educate them on their rights, and capacity build to preserve their homes.

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
This project addresses all of the things that come along with housing preservation, such as conditions and forging strong relationships between the tenants and the community around them. When relationships are built, more people come together to fight when the tenants are facing displacement or poor conditions. It's all about putting a working machine in place to always operate in favor of the underprivileged.
The Right Person For This Project
Tatyana is the right person for the project because:
• Her passion for law sets her apart because she is in the position to uplift and assist tenants
• The tenants trust her to improve an incredibly important aspect of their lives, and she is honored to work with them