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Camille Van Kote

2017, Equal Justice Works Fellowships, Camille Van Kote

Camille Van Kote

Name of Host Organization: Cabrini Center for Immigrant Legal Assistance
City, State: Houston, Texas
Issue area: Immigrant Populations
Sponsors: Texas Access to Justice Foundation

The Project

Provide family law representation to low-income immigrant women who have been victims of crime, and establish a referral network to meet victims' wide-ranging legal needs.

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
Access to legal resources for immigrants is often hindered by fear of deportation, distrust of law enforcement, miseducation and language barriers. Civil legal service providers are too often prohibited from providing representation due to the victim's immigration status, inability to pay or restrictions on the types of cases accepted at these agencies. Without representation that addresses their wide-ranging legal needs, these women are unable to move forward from their victimization.
The Right Person For This Project

Camille is the right person for the project because she is:
• Influenced by an international and diverse perspective
• Passionate about women and immigrant rights
• Committed to providing justice to victims of crime

Plans For First Six Months of Fellowship

In the first six months, Camille will:
• Schedule meetings with legal and social service non-profits to gain more knowledge of the issues facing immigrant women in the community, who are victims of crime
• Attend meetings with the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance (HTRA) and the mayor's Houston Area Council on Human Trafficking (HACHT) to make myself known to the community and continue to deepen knowledge in this area of law
• Represent about three victims in family law court
• Attend thirty U/T visa intakes with Catholic Charities’ Crime Victims Program caseworkers/attorneys to assess clients’ non-immigration legal needs