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Monique Boamah

2017, AmeriCorps Community Organizer, Monique Boamah

Monique Boamah

Name of Host Organization: Mt. Vernon United Tenants
City, State: Mount Vernon, New York
Issue area: Housing - Affordable Housing/Microfinance
Sponsors: AmeriCorps VISTA, HUD

The Project

This project will build capacity in eligible Project-based Section 8 HUD assisted properties in New York to increase tenants' knowledge of their rights, responsibilities, and options for preserving their homes and improving their communities. 

The Inspiration

Need Addressed By Project
This project will allow Section 8 HUD housing developments to renew their contracts so low-in-come tenants do not loose their subsidy. This project will educate and empower tenants to know their rights and what laws protect them. Lastly, the project will allow tenants to organize their buildings and develop strong tenant associations to tackle housing issues collaboratively and effectively.
The Right Person For This Project

Monique is the right person for this project because she initially grew up in HUD housing developments and understands the dynamics and challenges that are faced on an intimate and personal level. In addition, she has a passion to pursue justice, and to help those in need. Monique believes the low-income population is not highly regarded nor truly heard when they face challenges or issues that may effect their housing stability. Monique strives to be a voice for the voiceless.