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Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionOur friend Amy Potthast of has uploaded a new podcast episode - AmeriCorps for Legal Experts - featuring Equal Justice Works' own Marty Costello and Cole McMahon. In this episode, Cole and Marty discuss the AmeriCorps and Summer Corps programs and the impact law students and lawyers are having in communities across the country. Download the podcast here. Amy also maintains The New Service blog, which offers resources, tips, and news for the service-minded. -Aaron Back to Equal Justice Works Blog



Hello I have a question this is the second time that i was taken to court over a car that was repossessed. I bought the car 2000. I have discarded all doc. with the car loan after 7 years. Purchased the car from CNAC fin for over 7,000? the car was repoed in 2001 I do not have how many payments i made to the fin co, before it was repoed. in researching i found a letter sent to me from Bartolini Finace corp in 2/2/2005 for the loan of the car with a current bal of 12043.97. I am showing from the docs. sent to me BFC, it show that as of 10/10/2001 the $ owed for the car was 7024.15 - the total sale price of the car of 250.00( not sure how much the car was truely sold for) and a warrenty refund of 447.50 leaving the bal of 6326.65. which in my credit report in 2006 shows it was written off for 6326.65 BFC took me to court in 9/2008 for the amount of 18,971.03 and i have paid a total of 709.67 by the end of 2008 stop working for 2009 and then they took me to court again in 12/2009 and is asking for 18,971.03 and so far in 2010 $577.50 i called BFC and asked for them to send me paper work in regards to this account and no where in the docs does it say i made any payments and in the paper work they have sent me the total amount is 16,332.73 with a 24.99% int a day from the org loan with a total of 9,850 int. on top of the 6326.65 now they are charging me 10% int for the 16,332.73 amount. and is sueing me and garnishing my wages what do i need to do

am vacating an apartment after 18 continuous years of tenancy, during which time NO SERVICES were provided by landlord (paint,carper,etc.).
My initial deposit, held for 18 years, should be refunded. An apparent paralegal says there should be no deductions due to continuous tenancy, and that interest is due me on the deposit, due to a recent
California statute/law. Is that true? If so,
1..Can you provide the wording and specific reference in the law which provides this, and
2..Will you provide the specific statute numbers, and where I might find the terminology to provide the landlord?

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wow.. thanks frend, i want to download it :)

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