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Serving as an AmeriCorps Fellow

The process for becoming an Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow begins in July for most programs, when host sites begin posting positions, and runs through August or until all available positions are filled. Fellowships begin between August 15 and September 15 and run for an 11-12 month term, with the option to renew for a second year given continued funding of the Fellow’s host site. Currently there are openings at the following locations, with more to be announced in the next few weeks. These positions will be updated on a rolling basis, and we encourage interested applicants to check back on this page frequently.

Please contact host sites directly for further information on position availability, and please note that you will apply directly to the host site.


General Description of Fellowship Positions

There are no longer any open Fellowship positions for the 2015-2016 program year. Interested applicants will apply to AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships through the host organization's website, which will be linked below. Please do not send application materials directly to Equal Justice Works. Please check back for additional announcements. 

Elder Justice Legal Corps

Positions will be posted by August 2016. The Elder Justice Legal Corps will engage lawyers as AmeriCorps members to address the legal needs of elder abuse victims. Fellows will increase access to legal services for victims of elder abuse with services that include screenings for indicia of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Veterans Legal Corps (VLC)

All positions for the 2015-2016 program year are filled. The Veterans Legal Corps engages lawyers and law students as AmeriCorps members to provide low-income and homeless veterans with access to justice. Fellows will improve the lives of low-income and homeless veterans by providing critical legal services that help individuals achieve higher incomes, improve access to healthcare, secure housing, and improve family stability. Please visit the website of the host organization for more information on how to apply.

Employment Opportunity Legal Corps (EOLC)

All positions for the 2015-2016 program year are filled. The EOLC seeks to engage lawyers with an interest in removing barriers to employment for unemployed or underemployed people who are actively seeking to join the labor market. Specifically, Fellows will be involved in expungement of minor criminal records, correcting errors in criminal records, and restoring driver’s licenses and occupational licenses, in addition to other available legal remedies. 

Disaster Legal Corps

All positions for the 2015-2016 program year are filled. Disaster Fellows build on many years of AmeriCorps and Equal Justice Works history serving victims of disaster by providing legal services to victims of disaster in areas destroyed by tornadoes, storms, and other natural disasters. Disaster relief services primarily focus on helping disaster victims access FEMA benefits and other resources as well as securing stable housing, following up on disputed insurance claims, and litigating cases involving predatory contractors. 


AmeriCorps Fellowship Basics:

An AmeriCorps Legal Fellowship is a great way to launch or re-launch a public interest legal career. You’ll work with great nonprofit legal aid organizations on cutting-edge projects, providing direct legal assistance, strengthening communities and being a lawyer for the community.

There are no open Fellowships positions for the 2015-2016 program year. Please check back in July 2016 for opportunities to serve as a Fellow and improve your community by removing barriers to employment, providing assistance to veterans, or responding to legal issues related to natural disasters. 


  • Graduate of Equal Justice Works member law school
  • U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident (e.g. green card)
  • Criminal background checks, including FBI fingerprint check, required (though not disqualified for most criminal records)
  • Host sites may set additional requirements (e.g. Spanish speaking, experience with veterans, etc.)

Salary & Benefits

Be part of the Fellowship Community

AmeriCorps Fellows participate in The Equal Justice Works Leadership Development Training, held in late October 2016, at the Washington DC Renaissance. This extensive training develops hard and soft skills and provides the opportunity for geographic and issue area collaboration.

Structure of Projects

  • Focused on documented, positive client outcomes
  • Usually two or more Fellows at one site or within the state to enhance Fellowship experience

AmeriCorps Fellows cannot take part in certain activities outlined in the AmeriCorps legislation.  These “prohibited activities” include:

  • Attempting to influence legislation
  • Promoting or deterring union organizing
  • Voter registration drives
  • Assisting for-profit businesses
  • Partisan political activity of any kind

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