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Sponsorship Preferences

Every year, high-quality projects are funded by sponsors who have not expressed a particular geographic or issue area interest. Equal Justice Works always welcomes applications from all parts of the country and all qualified host organizations. 

We will update the sponsor preferences list as more information becomes available from our 2018 sponsors.  Check our website periodically for updates. Click here to read more about sponsor preferences.




The following issue areas are funded reguarly, though number of Fellowships for each may vary year to year:
  • Access to courts
  • Affordable housing/microfinance
  • Aid to disadvantaged children and youth
  • Animal rights
  • Civil rights
  • Community economic development/ sustainable development/ microfinance and related transactional legal projects
  • Consumer rights
  • Corporate and government accountability
  • Disability issues
  • Discrimination
  • Domestic violence
  • Access to education/ STEM
  • Elder law
  • Disaster relief
  • Environmental justice
  • Farmworkers’/migrant workers’ rights
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender rights
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
  • Immigration/ Asylum
  • Legal Technology/Access to Justice
  • Medical-legal partnerships
  • Poverty/ economic justice/ economic opportunity
  • Public benefits

  • Reproductive rights/health
  • Special education
  • Trafficking
  • Veterans issues
  • Voting rights/electoral participation
  • Women's empowerment; economic development for women and families; young women's education
  • Workers' rights




Download our application guide for more details about the process.


Please send an email to