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Become a Fellowship Host Organization

Candidates and organizations can partner in any number of ways – a candidate may approach an organization with a proposed project idea, or an organization may recruit an applicant. Candidates may have interned with a host organization but cannot be a current full-time employee with the same host.

To host a Fellowship, you must be a nonprofit organization that will provide a full-time position to a candidate upon receiving a Fellowship. The host organization must be willing to be an employer during the term of the two-year Fellowship and provide the Fellow with supervision, a work space, employee health and fringe benefits, and the materials (computer, internet access, phone, etc) that they will need to successfully complete your project.

Equal Justice Works will provide up to $50,000 toward that salary level. If the salary exceeds $50,000, then the organization must provide the remaining amount. Salary must be agreed upon prior to submitting an application. The Fellow's salary must be commensurate to what an attorney with similar experience and/or responsibility would receive at your organization.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our organization has experienced significant budget cuts and cannot afford to offer Fellows health insurance or other fringe benefits. Can we still host a Fellow?

A: Unfortunately, Equal Justice Works requires a Fellow to receive health insurance and the benefits that are offered to other full-time employees of the host.

Q: How will a Fellow receive their supporting salary payments?

A: Equal Justice Works sends supporting payments in quarterly installments each September, December, March, and June via direct deposit.

Q: We worked with a candidate on a Fellowship application and would like to know the status. Who can we contact?

A: Equal Justice Works will not provide individualized status updates to candidates or host organizations. During the interview process, we will send monthly email updates to candidates letting them know whether their application is still under consideration or has been declined for further review.


Send an email to Include your name, email address, and phone number. 

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