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School-Based LRAPs

Equal Justice Works is a leading advocate for Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs). We offer comprehensive information about school-based Loan Repayment Assistance Programs including how these programs work and how to start or expand a school-based LRAP.


School-based Loan Repayment Assistance Programs provide financial aid to graduates who have educational debt and take low-paying jobs. Most programs are designed with the goal of enabling graduates to enter public interest and government work. A graduate of a school with a Loan Repayment Assistance Program can apply for and receive funds from the program to help with repayment of educational loans.

List of Law School LRAPs

LRAPs exist at more than 100 law schools and provide financial aid to law school graduates working in the public interest, government, or other low-paying, high-need legal fields. 

What does your LRAP look like? Important questions to ask about any LRAP

What does your LRAP look like? Is there a service requirement? How long can you participate? Equal Justice Works has compiled some basic questions to ask about any LRAP.

Start an LRAP at your school!