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Student Debt Relief

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Student Debt Relief Webinar Series

Getting Your Student Loans Forgiven: How government and nonprofit employees can earn public service loan forgiveness

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My Debt Story

Equal Justice Works believes educational debt should lead to opportunities to serve the public interest, not stand in the way. We’ve partnered with EARN on Share your voice; be heard.

The high cost of education and the burden of student debt prevents many from pursuing and remaining in public interest careers.  Our Educational Debt Relief program is devoted to advocating for student debt relief and spreading the word to make sure those who need relief are taking the right steps to qualify. 

Our detailed and user-friendly resources are available to help prospective students, current students and graduates; school advisors and administrators; and employers.


Student Debt Ebook

Our comprehensive ebook, Take Control of Your Future, offers a range of information and guidance, from borrowing through repayment and forgiveness, so you can manage your student debt and take control of your future! Click here to learn more!

Free Interactive Webinars

Learn how each type of relief program works and how they can work together: LRAPs can provide funds to make lowered, income-based monthly payments while working toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Register for a free webinar or view a recording of a previous one.

Student Debt Updates

Student debt relief options and procedures change rapidly. Sign up to receive important updates on student debt, new forms of relief, and upcoming events and webinars. 

Student Debt Video Guides

Millions of Americans are worried about student debt. But there are powerful programs that can help if you know about them and plan ahead at every stage of your educational career. That's what Dara did -- and now she's sharing her story so you can find relief too.

In-Person Visits

Our experts are available for in-person visits to explain how everyone can overcome the burden of student debt and commit to a long-term public interest career. We give presentations at law schools and public interest employers across the country and regularly lecture at career fairs and conferences, including the NALP Annual Education Conference, the NASFAA National Conference and the ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference. To set up a visit, email Isaac Bowers.

All of these resources offer detailed information on student debt relief programs and how they work, including understanding your student loansPublic Service Loan Forgiveness, income-driven repayment plans and Loan Repayment Assistance Programs.