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Cy Pres

Because of the breadth of public interest legal work we are involved in, Equal Justice Works is an ideal recipient of cy pres funds. Our programs provide legal services to hundreds of people in underserved communities nationwide.

Equal Justice Works is an Ideal Match for Cy Pres and Residual Funding

  • We are involved in a variety of public interest legal work.  Today, we have 175 lawyers working in communities across the country on issues ranging from consumer protection to protecting low-wage workers against unfair employment practices.
  • We are flexible and adaptable.  Because of our extensive network of public interest/legal services organizations across the countryand 200 member law schools, Equal Justice Works is able to tailor fellowships that meet the objectives of a cy pres award.  To this end, an award can be used to augment our ongoing work to advance public interest legal careers or it can fund a specific fellowship that addresses the issues related to the underlying litigation of that case.
  • We have a history of receiving cy pres and residual funds.  Our first award was in 1991 for $2.3 million from, then US District Court Judge, Ann Claire Williams.  Since this early award, courts have approved funds to Equal Justice Works from over 30 cases, which includes cases on securities, civil rights, consumer, and antitrust to name a few.

Recent Cy Pres Awards

  • Thanks to Gary Klein of Klein Kavanaugh Costello LLP, Equal Justice Works received $83,333 from In re Martin v. CCH, Inc
  • Thanks to Craig Briskin of Mehri & Skalet, PLLC, a former Equal Justice Works Fellow, for an award of $68,685 from In re Sonoda v. Amerisave Mortgage Corporation
  • Equal Justice Works received $26,000 from In re ICG Communications Securities Litigation, thanks to co-lead counsel Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossman LLP, and Berman DeValerio.

How to Support Equal Justice Works

While it is ultimately up to the courts to determine whether the cy pres award or residual fund is fair and reasonable and if the recipient is appropriate, plaintiff and defense attorneys can each play an important role by recommending to the court that Equal Justice Works is an appropriate beneficiary.


Click here to view list of cy pres supporters.

To learn more about how you can support Equal Justice Works through cy pres awards and other awards of residual funds, contact Tammy Sun at or at 202-466-3686 ext. 120.


Special thanks to these individuals for the many contributions they make to our cy pres efforts:

David Brodsky
Brodsky ADR LLC
Pamela Gilbert
Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP
Marc Seltzer
Susman Godfrey LLP
Len Simon
Robbins, Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP
Robert A. Skirnick
Meredith Cohen Greenfogel & Skirnick, P.C.
Jim Sturdevant
The Sturdevant Law Firm