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Sponsor a Fellow

Each year, law firms, corporations and private foundations generously sponsor Equal Justice Works Fellows. These entrepreneurial public interest lawyers design two-year projects in conjunction with nonprofit organizations that have an intimate knowledge of the most critical needs in the communities they serve.

Working on issues ranging from homelessness and community economic development to immigration, juvenile justice and access to health care, this innovative, community-based model ensures that our Fellows are serving the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities.

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, Equal Justice Works has awarded more than 1000 Fellowships, and approximately 80% of the projects initiated by Equal Justice Works Fellows have been sustained by the nonprofit organizations in which they served.

Fellowship sponsors consistently identify the many benefits of this partnership as the following:

  • Ongoing opportunities for Fellows to engage their sponsors in the most compelling and carefully vetted pro bono projects.
  • Recognition of sponsors in both the legal profession and the broader community as true champions for justice.
  • Involvement in the selection process to ensure that Fellows meet each firm’s criteria and priorities.
  • Clear demonstration of sponsors’ culture of commitment to public interest law, as well as an enhanced ability to attract talented and community-spirited new associates.
  • Access to the unparalleled national network of public service leaders that Equal Justice Works has developed to help firms and corporations maximize the reach of their pro bono programs.

To discuss the best way to structure a sponsorship, please contact Mia Sussman at 202-466-3686 or

Click here to learn more about our Equal Justice Works Fellowship program.