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By supporting Equal Justice Works, you are helping to launch the next generation of public interest attorneys who will provide legal services to thousands each year and ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable among us have access to justice and quality legal representation.

If you have any questions regarding our fundraising programs, or would like information about making a contribution, please contact Tim Wierzbicki, Chief Development Officer at (202) 466-3686.


Sponsor a Fellow

Each year, law firms, corporations and private foundations generously sponsor Equal Justice Works Fellows. These entrepreneurial public interest lawyers design two-year projects in conjunction with nonprofit organizations that have an intimate knowledge of the most critical needs in the communities they serve.

Cy Pres

Because of the breadth of public interest legal work we are involved in, Equal Justice Works is an ideal recipient of cy pres funds. Our programs provide legal services to hundreds of people in underserved communities nationwide.

Make a Donation

By making a donation to Equal Justice Works, you are supporting our work to mobilize the next generation of public interest lawyers and provide effective representation to vulnerable populations.

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A mutual understanding of the importance of providing help to America’s communities in need brings Equal Justice Works and AmeriCorps together in a partnership that spans decades, states, and issue areas. With the critical funding provided by AmeriCorps, Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellows and law student Summer Corps members are able to provide legal solutions to the issues that affect underserved communities nationwide.