Headshot of Damaryo Smith

Damaryo Smith

Program Coordinator

Damaryo Smith is the program coordinator for the Fellowships unit at Equal Justice Works.

In this capacity, Damaryo supports relationship stewardship and engagement with our Fellows and Alumni. He also contributes to the efficient operations of the Fellowships unit.

Damaryo has completed two years of service with AmeriCorps through City Year, an organization that creates equitable and just education opportunities. Towards the end of his second year of service, he also began working at Dacha Navy Yard. When his second year of service ended at City Year, Damaryo became a manager at the organization. As a manager at City Year, he oversaw the implementation, management, and ongoing assessment of three AmeriCorps programs. He also coordinated planning, communications, training, and daily operations with school staff, students, coaches, and AmeriCorps team members. At the same time, he was also building his career at Dacha, where he eventually became a manager. In this role, he managed and trained staff and was responsible for handling special event functions and related logistics. After a year and a half at Dacha, Damaryo took a break from the service industry while focusing on his manager role at City Year. He soon picked up an additional role back in the service industry as a manager for Pirate Ventures. As a manager for Pirate Ventures, he developed standard operating procedures and reporting tools for data collection and analysis of sales for four restaurants. Damaryo still serves in a part-time capacity as a manager for Pirate Ventures.

Damaryo received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Political Science from the University of Central Arkansas.