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More than 80 percent of the civil legal problems reported by low-income Americans in 2017 received inadequate or no legal help, according to the Legal Services Corporation’s annual Justice Gap report. Many of these individuals found that private counsel was unaffordable and that free legal aid was out of reach, and were left to navigate complex legal proceedings alone as a result.

Equal Justice Works believes that everyone should have equal access to justice, not just those who can afford legal representation. Our generous donors include law firms, corporations, foundations, government grants, and individuals who help facilitate opportunities for passionate public interest leaders to serve individuals of all backgrounds. These leaders share a singular vision: to fulfill our nation’s promise of equal justice for all. We rely on your support to make this vision a reality.

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Support Our Fellows

Through our Fellowship opportunities, we mobilize lawyers to work at legal services organizations across our country, where they help build sustainable solutions and expand capacity to respond to the dire need for free legal support.

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Annual Dinner

Each fall, Equal Justice Works hosts a dinner for friends and supporters from all corners of the legal community to join together and celebrate a lawyer whose life and accomplishments demonstrate extraordinary dedication to achieving equal justice for individuals and communities in need.

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Annual Fund

A powerful source of unrestricted funding, the Equal Justice Works Annual Fund helps cover operating expenses and fund the opportunities we facilitate for law students, lawyers, and community advocates to serve communities in need. More than 80 percent of the contributions we receive directly support our programs.

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Cy Pres Awards

Designating Equal Justice Works as a class action cy pres recipient provides key support to our work. Our Fellowship program was launched by a cy pres award and we have received over 8M from cy pres awards. We welcome cy pres awards to fund projects that address issues related to the litigation of that case.

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Planned Giving

With a planned gift to Equal Justice Works, you can ensure that your commitment to equal justice is carried forward by passionate public interest leaders. Planned giving opportunities include bequests in a will or trust or within an estate plan and charitable gift annuities.

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