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Annie Toborg

  • Hosted by Maryland Legal Aid
  • Sponsored by Housing Justice Program
  • Service location Baltimore, Maryland
  • Law school American University Washington College of Law
  • Issue area Housing/Eviction
  • Fellowship class year 2022
  • Program Housing Justice Program

The Project

Annie’s (she/her/hers) Fellowship with the Maryland’s Tenants’ Right to Counsel Project (TRCP) ensures that income-eligible tenants can access free legal representation during eviction proceedings. 

Despite the violence, trauma, and long-term ramifications of losing a home, the vast majority of tenants who face eviction proceedings do so without any legal assistance. Research shows that tenants who have legal representation achieve much better outcomes and are more likely to stay in their homes. In 2021, Maryland passed a bill, making it the second state in the nation to provide access to counsel to tenants facing an eviction. Maryland’s Tenants’ Right to Counsel Project is critical to counterbalance the disparate bargaining power between landlords and tenants, and to interrupt systems that keep people in poverty.  

Fellowship Plans 

Annie works with Maryland Legal Aid’s Statewide Advocacy Support to ensure that the TRCP is implemented effectively and equitably. Her work during this Fellowship includes legislative advocacy, supporting appellate work, and coalition building with other tenant advocate groups. She will also provide direct representation to tenants, including day-of court representation for tenants facing eviction.

Nationwide, tenants are organizing and advocating for affordable and safe housing. This work is intertwined with and depends on economic justice, racial justice, and other struggles that seek to dismantle systemic oppression. Similar to workers in the labor movement, when tenants get together to fight for better living conditions, we are bound to succeed. 

Housing is more than a physical structure. Housing is home—and home is integral to our identity, our connection to community, and our sense of belonging and safety. When we fight for our home, and all that encompasses, we fight for our dignity as human beings. 

Annie Toborg /
2022 Housing Justice Program Fellow

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