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Headshot of Ashley Winford

Ashley Winford

  • Hosted by Galveston-Houston Immigrant Representation Project
  • Sponsored by Disaster Resilience Program
  • Service location Houston, Texas
  • Law school Northern Illinois University - College of Law
  • Issue area Disaster Recovery, Disaster Response and Preparedness
  • Fellowship class year 2023
  • Program Disaster Resilience Program

The Project

Ashley Winford (she/her/hers) will work with Galveston-Houston Immigrant Representation Project to provide high quality legal services to immigrants facing deportation in the Houston area.

Recognizing the overwhelming need to increase representation rates and access to due process in the Houston Immigration Courts, this project seeks to maximize its impact by combining direct representation with pro se assistance and community outreach.

Fellowship Plans

As part of the project, Ashley will address the needs of the community in the following ways: (1) direct representation for individuals in removal proceedings; (2) Implementation of ”Friend of Court” services in the Houston immigration court which will assist unrepresented individuals in understanding the process, their rights, and important documents in their case; (3) Know Your Rights presentations and consultations for individuals without attorneys, and (4) pro se asylum workshops to assist individuals without an attorney to file their applications for relief.


Ashley is extremely inspired by the work she does. A recent transplant to Texas, she has seen the immediate need for immigration legal services. Coming from a law enforcement background has encouraged and inspired Ashley to counteract the effect of changing and increasingly complex immigration policies that do not serve the immigrant community by helping immigrants exercise their right to have their day in court and have their case heard.

“When our immigrant community thrives, this country thrives. When they flourish, we flourish. When we fail them, we fail ourselves.”

Ashley Winford /
2023 Fellow in the Disaster Resilience Program

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