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Headshot of Brittany Jackson

Brittany Jackson

  • Hosted by Southeast Louisiana Legal Services
  • Sponsored by Disaster Resilience Program
  • Service location Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Law school Southern University Law Center
  • Issue area Disaster Recovery, Disaster Response and Preparedness
  • Fellowship class year 2022
  • Program Disaster Resilience Program

The Project

Brittany M. Jackson is a Housing Staff Attorney at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services whose project focuses on eviction prevention and diversion in the wake of disasters. Brittany also educates tenants on their rights and works to increase housing advocacy in rural service areas.

This Fellowship seeks to provide representation to vulnerable and low-income individuals and those who may not be familiar with the court system. Individuals in rural service areas often have little to no knowledge about the services available to them, such as representation in housing matters. This project aims to address that unmet legal need.

Fellowship Plans

To address the issues identified, Brittany will put on several “Know Your Rights” presentations in those communities. Brittany will also build valuable connections with community leaders so individuals seeking assistance will know where to turn to get that assistance. She will create community outreach events for networking and providing information to meet the goals of this project.

Having family members or friends in poverty who have faced housing instability inspired Brittany to do this work. The lack of knowledge about the free resources available to help with this issue is monumental. Sometimes a little information is all that is needed to help someone. Brittany is in a better position to help provide that information and assistance. Seeing the impact we make on a daily basis drives Brittany to continue to do this type of work.

Accessibility, knowledge, and a little compassion make a world of difference.

Brittany Jackson /
2022 Disaster Resilience Program Fellow

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