Carlos Andino

  • Hosted by Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs
  • Sponsored by Anonymous
  • Service location Washington, District of Columbia
  • Law school Emory University School of Law
  • Issue area Civil Rights/Civil Liberties
  • Fellowship class year 2020
  • Program Design Your Own Fellowship

The Project

Carlos provides litigation, advocacy, and community programming to meet the identified needs of Black and Brown residents in neighborhoods in the Metropolitan D.C. areas that are plagued by unjust, racially motivated police practices.

More than 80% of individuals stopped in the Metropolitan D.C. areas are Black or Brown residents. With Washington, D.C. being the fastest gentrifying city in America, People of Color are being displaced and over-policed at alarming rates. Current over-policing tactics of over responsiveness to calls for service, increased patrols, and “corner-clearing” are leading residents of color to feel at odds with the officers who are reported to protect them. Further, an increase in stop and frisk tactics across the region is leading to more frequent violations of residents’ Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

The D.C. Metropolitan area is in need of a comprehensive response that combines direct representation for those whose rights have been violated, empowerment of People of Color’s voices, and community development campaigns to address the ongoing systemic racism Black and Brown residents face.

Carlos’s upbringing in a working-class family of color motivates his commitment to racial justice.

Fellowship Highlights to Date

So far during his Fellowship, Carlos has:

  • Filed a lawsuit of first impression to define District of Columbia tenants’ rights to organize and be free from law enforcement harassment.
  • Drafted legislation and authored testimony to the District of Columbia Council’s Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety regarding the important lack of oversights on Special Police Officers in the District.
  • Co-counseled in the representation of protestors advocating for police accountability in the summer of 2020 arrested by police for exercising their First Amendment rights.
  • Established a partnership investigation project into collecting data on stop-and-frisk interactions in Montgomery County, Maryland.
  • Submitted several information requests to government entities in an investigation with community partners about ongoing policing tactics by DMV law enforcement agencies to categorically place Black and Brown residents into gang databases.

Next Steps

In the next year, Carlos plans to:

  • Advance current investigative projects by filing lawsuits to enforce information reporting laws and demand for public audits of current police practices.
  • Establish and expand outreach to community groups and potential plaintiffs to prepare for trial litigation/community development projects.


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Building a Better Future Together

As a first-generation attorney and child of Puerto Rican descent, I feel morally obligated to fight the prejudicial systems that have placed so many People of Color at a disadvantage in our contemporary society.

Carlos Andino /
2020 Equal Justice Works Fellow

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