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Headshot of Charlotte Goodenow

Charlotte Goodenow

  • Hosted by Community Economic Defense Project
  • Sponsored by The Henry Geller Memorial Fellowship
  • Service location Boulder, Colorado
  • Law school University of Colorado Law School
  • Issue area Economic Justice, Technology
  • Fellowship class year 2024
  • Program Design-Your-Own Fellowship

The Project

Charlotte (she/her/hers) will build digital tools designed to promote access to housing justice at scale, focusing on removing barriers to housing justice for low-income immigrant renters.

Immigrants face a host of unique challenges when trying to secure housing: discrimination, lack of access to public benefits, language barriers, and pervasive fears regarding contact with the legal system all make immigrant renters especially vulnerable to housing instability. Evidence shows that immigrant renters are more likely to “self-evict,” leaving their homes without attempting to assert their legal rights. Those renters who do choose to participate in the legal process still face challenges, and recent data shows that Colorado renters are represented in just 1.3% of all eviction cases, and unrepresented renters are 3 times more likely to have an eviction judgment entered against them than represented renters. Immigrant renters simply lack access to legal support that can, in many cases, keep them housed–and traditional legal services are unlikely ever to match the scale of their needs.

Charlotte has worked with immigrants across the state to secure greater legal equity, create security and opportunity, and build thriving communities. She is excited to have the opportunity to continue this work as a Fellow, this time with a focus on co-creating new solutions for housing justice that intentionally include and serve immigrant community members.

Fellowship Plans

Charlotte’s project will help renters across the state to assert their rights, with or without counsel, by developing digital applications that respond directly to immigrant renters’ needs. She will identify immigrant communities’ housing-related needs and community barriers to accessing housing justice by conducting a listening tour in partnership with community organizations serving immigrants across the state. Based on these learnings, she will develop, disseminate, test, refine, and market digital tools designed to serve these communities. Additionally, Charlotte will analyze data collected through these tools to gain insight into pervasive housing justice issues in immigrant communities in Colorado and use these empirical findings to enable immigrant and housing advocates to pursue policy changes and provide other resources and support.

All of us deserve the dignity and safety that stable housing provides. With creative, community-led solutions, we can make it possible for renters to stand up for themselves and their families in court.

Charlotte Goodenow /
2024 Equal Justice Works Fellow

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