Cynthia Julieta Henning

  • Hosted by Equal Justice Works Americorps Legal Fellow
  • Service location Baltimore, Maryland
  • Law school Georgetown University Law Center
  • Issue area Children/Youth, Immigrant Populations
  • Fellowship class year 2014
  • Program AmeriCorps Fellows Program

The Project

Cynthia Julieta Henning provided free legal immigration representation to unaccompanied children under sixteen years of age in deportation proceedings at the Baltimore Immigration Court.

Approximately 68,000 children crossed the U.S. border unaccompanied and were apprehended in 2014. The vast majority are fleeing gang violence, sexual violence, and rampant crime in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Most of these children were placed in deportation proceedings, and by the end of 2014, only 20% of pending cases had legal representation. Without legal representation, most of these vulnerable children will lose their immigration cases, even those that would have had a temporary or permanent immigration remedy available to them. Of the 20,000 cases decided between 2012 and 2014 for unaccompanied children, only 15% of unrepresented children were granted immigration relief and allowed to stay in the U.S., versus 75% of represented children granted immigration relief.

Having an immigration attorney is the biggest determinant for whether an unaccompanied immigrant child seeking safety and family in the U.S. will be protected. I get to be one of those attorneys.

Cynthia Julieta Henning /
Equal Justice Works Fellow

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