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Headshot of Diana Jordan-González

Diana Jordán-González

  • Hosted by Resiliency Law Center
  • Sponsored by Disaster Resilience Program
  • Service location San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Law school University of Puerto Rico School of Law
  • Issue area Disaster Recovery, Disaster Response and Preparedness
  • Fellowship class year 2023
  • Program Disaster Resilience Program

The Project

Diana Jordán-González (she/her/hers) works with the Resiliency Law Center to strengthen just disaster redress initiatives and climate change mitigation efforts for disaster-prone communities in Puerto Rico and seeks to ensure their access to justice.

In the wake of Hurricanes Irma, María, and Fiona, many Puerto Rican communities have not been able to access adequate disaster relief. The disaster recovery process has been characterized by notable delays and a lack of transparency and public participation. Citizen groups and non-profit organizations were galvanized to demand just recovery policies and channel services to overlooked populations. However, significant legal and advocacy support is still required to match the immensity of this unmet need, as many of these disproportionately affected groups were already socially, economically, and environmentally burdened.

Diana’s project aims to address this need through a climate justice framework, as these same communities are thus more vulnerable to future disasters and climate change.

Fellowship Plans

Diana provides legal counsel and representation to individuals and community groups from rural and environmentally sensitive areas, and those whose economic livelihood is severely affected by disasters and/or economic displacement.

She actively collaborates in developing legal and advocacy strategies to advance the communal interests of partners in line with the Resiliency Law Center’s theory of change and support of frontline advocates. Diana will also use this experiential knowledge to produce capacity-building workshops for both lawyers and non-lawyers and will create publishable educational material to advance climate justice and disaster mitigation awareness in the broader public conversation.


As a Puerto Rican resident, witnessing the immediate and enduring impacts of Hurricane María transformed how Diana sought to approach her public interest aspirations. She became more interested in engaging in community building and movement lawyering practices, which guided her active involvement in pro bono work during her legal studies. Diana is personally invested in advancing climate justice back home, ultimately to avoid mounting but preventable disaster tragedies.

What inspires my work as an environmental attorney is knowing I can provide concrete support to disaster-impacted communities, whose knowledge about local resources is key to ensuring the integrity and care of both their lives and our environment.

Diana Jordán-González /
2023 Fellow in the Disaster Resilience Program

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