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Headshot of Elliett Earhart

Elliett Earhart

  • Hosted by Mid-Shore Pro Bono
  • Sponsored by Housing Justice Program
  • Service location Salisbury, Maryland
  • Issue area Housing/Eviction
  • Fellowship class year 2022
  • Program Housing Justice Program

The Project

Elliett’s project focuses on eviction prevention in Maryland, helping to provide day-of-court representation, as well as resources to help prevent eviction to low-income families.

She is the Lower Shore Housing Case Manager for Mid-Shore Pro Bono. She assists the housing attorney in providing legal and resource assistance for tenants facing eviction in Dorchester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Elliett’s work focuses on failure to pay rent, breach of lease, tenant holding over, rent escrow, wrongful detainer, and shield laws. Through this work, she hopes to help lower the eviction rate in Maryland and to inform tenants of their rights.

Elliett’s work as an intern with Mid Shore Pro Bono in 2021 inspired her. While interning, she was made aware of the high eviction rates. She also saw how tenants are treated in certain housing circumstances and the high number of low-income families who don’t realize they have rights.

Fellowship Plans

Elliett plans to complete these goals by advocating for those in need, whether it be inside or outside of court. Sometimes all people may need is for someone to listen to their story or sit with them in court. This Fellowship gives her the opportunity to reach the people who need advocacy in court. Without the Fellowship, she wouldn’t be able to let them know they have rights and that there is help for them.

This opportunity gives you the chance to make a difference in people’s lives and give hope to those that think no one cares. There’s nothing more defeating than losing the roof over your head and the safety of your family. Showing them, you are there in their corner can mean the world to someone in their predicament."

Elliett Earhart /
2022 Housing Justice Program Fellow

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