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Candice Smith Kellogg

The Project

The scope of the need for legal services to survivors of campus sexual assault in Arkansas is vast. With two large universities and 16 community colleges in the service area, statistics (but not actual reporting numbers) tell us that thousands of young people in Arkansas have been victimized while attending one of the colleges. Unlike many urban areas, Arkansas does not have a robust network of nonprofit legal centers. Indeed, there are currently no organizations with a focus on providing legal representation to survivors of sexual assault, let alone one focusing on campus sexual assault. This Fellowship sought to fill that gap and initiate a concerted effort to provide comprehensive legal services to survivors. 

Candice’s Fellowship took a two-prong approach to tackle the problem of campus rape and sexual assault. First, Candice built relationships with and provided educational/training opportunities to university students, faculty, and staff; private attorneys; law enforcement agencies; community-based service providers; pro bono attorneys; and other community stakeholders. Second, she provided comprehensive, culturally-competent, trauma-informed legal services to survivors of campus sexual assault. 

As a former student survivor of sexual assault, Candice is personally motivated to ensure that students receive critical legal services to aid in their pursuit of justice. 

The Project

Ashilee’s Fellowship addressed the needs of victims of campus sexual assault. She identified and addressed both the legal and non-legal needs of the victims. Further, the project addressed community outreach and educated campuses about the needs of the victims of campus sexual assault. Further, the project worked to identify the needs of victims of campus sexual assault and develop a network of individuals and agencies to address those needs. 

Ashilee has always been passionate about working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Survivors of domestic violence have unique legal needs and she is capable of helping them address those needs.