Shiv Rawal

The Project

Shiv (he/him/his) advocates with and for older adults in New York prisons through parole assistance and appeals representation, re-entry support, and legislative advocacy.

The percentage of older people in New York prisons has nearly doubled over the past 30 years—a dire trend as the COVID-19 pandemic places older adults in prison at particular risk of illness and death. At the same time, parole, one of the only means for obtaining release from prison, remains out of reach for many incarcerated older adults. Older adults often navigate their parole proceedings without assistance, receive repeated denials from the Parole Board, and face barriers to re-entry if they succeed in obtaining parole. Rigorous parole assistance and parole reform are important tools toward the urgent need to release older people from prison.

Fellowship Plans

Shiv will strive to make parole a more accessible and successful reality for older adults in New York prisons. He will provide direct assistance in older adults’ parole applications and parole hearings, represent older adults in appeals of parole denials, and support older adults on parole in their re-entry needs. Shiv will also advocate for legislation in New York that would make more older adults in prison eligible for parole consideration.

I have learned invaluable lessons from community members incarcerated in New York. Through this project, I build on what they taught me and hope to honor their ongoing efforts toward a more just world.

Shiv Rawal /
2022 Equal Justice Works Fellow