Photo of Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis

  • Hosted by Disability Rights California
  • Sponsored by Disaster Resilience Program
  • Service location Sacramento, California
  • Law school Golden Gate State University School of Law
  • Issue area Disaster Response and Preparedness
  • Fellowship class year 2021
  • Program Disaster Resilience Program

The Project

Jordan’s Equal Justice Works Fellowship seeks to address the legal needs of Californians with disabilities concerning wildfire disasters.

Jordan will work on Disability Rights California’s approach to wildfires and issues stemming from these disasters, such as Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events, housing displacement and a lack of accessible and affordable housing, emergency transportation, and the negative health impacts of poor air quality. All of these issues disproportionately affect people with access and functional needs. These vulnerable and underserved populations require thoughtful inclusion at all levels of disaster resilience planning. Jordan will be responding to the legal needs of the disability community throughout California before, during, and after wildfire disasters.

Jordan has lived experience with disability and disaster resilience. Having grown up in a disaster-prone region of the southeastern United States and witnessed the aftermath of natural disasters, Jordan will use this personal understanding to inform their work.

Fellowship Plans

Jordan will provide outreach on wildfire disaster resiliency by hosting accessible clinics, training, and direct legal aid to people with disabilities and others in the access and functional needs community. They will work with grassroots community groups throughout the state to strengthen existing disaster resource centers and coalitions.

I hope to bring awareness to some of the issues people with disabilities face and ensure that state and local governments prioritize the safety and welfare of ALL residents in disaster resilience planning.

Jordan Davis /
2021 Equal Justice Works Fellow

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