Rosalyn Scriven

The Project

Rosalyn advocated for homeless youth who have been victims of human trafficking by providing direct and in-direct services that will lead them to independence. She provided wrap around services to youth including, but not limited to, vacating and addressing warrants and legal matters that may hinder someone from independence; and advocated for compensation for injustice youth had endured, or provided assistance in seeking state and federal benefits for victims of crimes. 

We are stronger together, learning from each other, and can have a greater impact on issues such as human trafficking with so many Fellows out in the field focusing on this work.

Rosalyn Scriven /
Equal Justice Works Fellow

The Project

Through collaboration with a network of community partners across the Triangle and the state, the Clean Slate Project of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice provides direct reentry legal services and support to individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. To combat this problem, SCSJ’s Clean Slate Project will supplement the important services provided by our partner organizations with direct legal services and support in the following areas including expungment and Certificates of Relief (COR).

Orlin addressed the collateral consequences for those who come in contact with the criminal justice system. Including those whose cases were dismissed or adjudicated guilty.